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Feeling lonely in London…Read on!

At Thinking Bob we know how that can feel. When our founder Becks moved to London she found it difficult to meet people in the city hence the very reason the community was born. We’re here to make it easy to socialise and meet new people.

We hear the same stories all the time “I really struggle when I meet new people”, “I find it difficult to find friends in London”, “I just get too nervous and back out”, “I can’t find people who had the same interests as me”. Every single story is valid, and every single story is real. You’re not alone.

Joining a community like Thinking Bob or Spice London is a great first step to combating those feelings, our hosts know how you feel and will be there to meet you at the door. Your first month is absolutely free so if it’s not for you then you’ve lost nothing. If you prefer to chat to us in person then give our community manger Tori a call on 02074584118, she would love to hear from you.

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Our socials

Just for fun

These include great conversation, lovely people and trying something new.

Pub quiz nights

Pub quiz night in London

Join us for the best quiz nights in town and test your skills with the tin foil…

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunt in London

A unique way to explore your city and never a dull moment.

Murder mysteries

Unleash your alter ego and play detective for a night of murderous fun.

Smart talking

Debate night in London

Get your discussion hat on for thinking bob‘s smart talking socials

Escape rooms

Think you can you puzzle your way out of a locked room? Come and give it a try.

Members’ stories

Owen & Nida’s story

Owen and Nida

Find out how Owen and Nida have become inseparable friends since meeting at thinking bob.

Sofie’s story

Sofie’s story

Sofie moved to London from overseas and found thinking bob, now she’s one of our most trusted hosts.

Saliya’s story


Born and bred in London - Saliya has found fun, friends and even love at thinking bob - find out how.

Break your routine and take a different approach to your social life