15 reasons being a nerd in the 90s was totally amazing

10th April 2015

Nerds, geeks and brainboxes are taking over the world. Is this because tech in the 90s was so superior to everything that came before it? Who knows.

All we know is this…

1. Waiting for the IT room to open at lunch was a fair price for an hour of Encarta Mindmaze.

2. You were 100% sure that, one day, your time would come to go on the Crystal Maze.

3. The future was then – and it was on Tomorrow’s World.

4. Computer games were just much cooler back then.

Commander Keen computer game

Picture: id Software

5. Even the consoles were cooler.

Commodore 64

Picture credit: GiantBomb.com

6. You knew everything that was worth knowing, thanks to this.

7. You had the whole web development thing down too.

Geocities website

Picture credit: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Tumblr

8. Your life was meticulously planned thanks to your Casio diary.

Casio Diary

Picture credit: Wikipedia Commons

9. Everyone knows Art Attack was the best way to spend a Friday afternoon.

10. As an adult, you can work out percentages without a calculator.

90s Casio calculator

Picture credit: Amazon

11. And you can use a semi-colon correctly without help from Microsoft Word.

Picture credit: Microsoft

Picture credit: Microsoft

12. And name all of these without googling.

FullSizeRender (14)

Picture Credit: Paul Nicholas

13. Before there was QI, there was How 2.

14. Game Boys came with printers. And they were very useful… for some reason.

Gameboy and printer

Picture credit: Sprudge.com

15. Ah, simpler times…

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