WANTED: Thinking Bob hosts!

18th January 2016

Are you friendly, chatty and enjoy constantly meeting new people?

Do you love the Thinking Bob socials and want to get more involved in the running of them?

Do you have lots of socials ideas and want to see them in the calendar?

Or do you just want to be generally more involved in the community?!

Then Bob needs YOU!

A number of people from our lovely host team have moved away from London this Winter and, with a super busy social calendar planned for the coming year, we need some new hosts to join the team!


What is a Thinking Bob host?

A Thinking Bob host is a dedicated member of the community who is passionate about sharing the Thinking Bob love and getting more involved in the community and its members.

All our hosts are friendly, welcoming and enjoy meeting new people and exploring their city with others!

What is required of me as a host?

Most of the time you’re just a normal, extra-friendly member. However we do ask our hosts to take care of a few extra tasks for us:

1. Host a minimum of 2 socials a month.

2. Take pictures and videos at socials, and share the love on social media.

3. Message new and recently active members.

… And a few other bits and pieces!

You don’t have to do the actual planning for the events as we do that for you, but we do also ask for ideas and recommendations for new events to try in London.

thinking bob hosts

What are the benefits of hosting?

As a host you’ll get…

*An invite to our quarterly HOST NIGHT OUT
*First access to discounted tickets/offers
*First access to exclusive Thinking Bob site and app features
*Ongoing support from the Thinking Bob Community Manager whenever needed.

Do I get free membership for being a host?

No. Becoming a Thinking Bob host shouldn’t be about the money, it should be about your passion for the community, your LOVE for hosting socials and your interest in helping the community develop

BUT we do give you all your signature socials for free!

What do your current hosts have to say about it all?

So if you’re friendly, chatty and want to enjoy some of the great perks of being a host, send an email to [email protected], or simply pop down to our Host Drinks event on Tuesday the 19th to find out more!


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