Unusual things to do in London this week with Thinking Bob: 18th – 24th June

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Monday 18th June

Angel Comedy Club

One of London's best comedy nights is here and it's absolutely free.

Tonight's performers, Shoot From The Hip, one of London's finest improv comedy groups will leave you howling. This is one night not to be missed!

This social will be filled with unforgettable comedy and great company. A perfect cure for the Monday blues!

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Tuesday 19th June

Taco's and Tequila Tuesday

We've survived the week so far and it's time to take today with a pinch of salt...literally, because it's Tequila Tuesday?

Don't worry, tonight isn't all about tequila slammers (it is only Tuesday after all). No, tonight we're heading for some top notch Mexican food washed down with a margarita or two and, if you really fancy, a tequila chaser to chase away those midweek blues.

Come along tonight for a relaxed dinner with some good food, fun conversation, and great company.

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Alfresco Talking to Strangers!

Small tables + topic cards = more interesting conversations!

Light-hearted topic cards steer you away from the typical (often dull!) small talk that comes with meeting new people.

This event is a fun way to spark new connections with members and new people alike.

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Wednesday 20th June

Cards Against Humanity - Summer Style

Cards Against Humanity is a card game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, this is as despicable and awkward as you and your fellow bobbers dare to be…

Cards Against Humanity has become one of our favourite socials but tonight we're taking it one step further.

Join us for a night of devilish, sadistic, twisted but hilarious fun!

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Escape Room - Dark Side of the Moon

In the 1960's both the USSR and the USA made groundbreaking discoveries on their famous lunar missions.

However, both the Soviet and US governments kept some dark secrets from their missions. A few days ago, at an abandoned radio station in Berlin, we intercepted a cipher message which was traced back to the secret moon base. It read only one word, "bereit" meaning "ready".

Our intelligence suggests an attack is imminent, you must complete your mission before time runs out.

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Thursday 21st June

New Member Drinks

This is simply a chance for new members to pop in for a drink and meet one of the team!

It's the perfect social if you're new to the community, or are feeling a bit nervous. It'll give you the opportunity to meet someone from Team Bob, who can answer any questions you have about the website, the app or the socials.

You'll also get to meet one of our volunteer Hosts, who provide a friendly face to greet you at the door and will never leave you sat alone in a corner.

Nothing hectic - just a few drinks and a chat to get the weekend started!

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Alphabet Dining Letter M

If you're bored of heading to the same old places again and again then why not join up with your fellow Bobbers and eat your way around the world from A-Z.

Every month we'll be heading to a new restaurant to sample a new cuisine. The concept is simple, a new letter, a new cuisine and great company.

So come along and discover the world through our ABC of food without leaving the city.

This month we're carrying on with M so we're going for a Malaysian feast.

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Friday 22nd June

Gameshow: The Bobheads Return

If you've ever watched "Eggheads" then you'll have a pretty clear idea of where this is heading...

Our Bobheads will be a carefully selected panel of members with specialist subjects including science, history, literature, pop culture and general knowledge. Think you're a master of one of those subjects? Get in touch!

The Bobheads will take on the rest of the members until only one group remains. The winners will receive the respect and admiration of the entire Bob community!

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Saturday 23rd June

Geocaching with Kate and Henri

Join Kate and Henri as you enter the world's largest treasure hunting community as you navigate coordinates to find the hidden geocache.

With millions of cleverly hidden geocaches scattered throughout the world, it doesn't matter whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth there's always something different to be discovered. Will you find the cache?

As usual there'll be a pub social afterwards so plenty of time to chat to the group.

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Saturday Lunch @ The Magic Roundabout

Come and join us under the summer sun as we feast alfresco. Today we're heading for lunch in an urban jungle in the middle of Old Street Roundabout.

Located in the middle of Old Street Roundabout and accessed via a secret staircase in the tube station, The Magic Roundabout offers award winning street food, artisan coffee, beautiful cocktails and craft beers!

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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Movie Themes of John Williams

Tonight we're celebrating the most Oscar nominated man alive, legendary film composer, John Willams.

Expect to hear Star Wars, Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park and so many more at this picnic style concert in the grounds of the gorgeous Kenwood House.

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Sunday 24th June

Football World Cup: England vs Panama

Join your fellow bobbers for an afternoon of football and friends.

Just pick a side and grab a beer because this will be a lively pub social. Cheering on the lads in their World Cup mission.

Not really into football? No matter, just come along for a drink and a chat anyway!

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BBQ Lunch and Hampstead Heath Stroll

A sunny Sunday calls for a BBQ and that's exactly what we're doing.

We're heading to Hampstead Heath for a relaxed afternoon in a beer garden. Complete with bar and BBQ there's no better place to enjoy an alfresco Sunday lunch.

We'll then walk off the burgers and booze in a sunny stroll around Hampstead Heath.

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The Hunted Experience

Have you ever wondered how well you'd evade capture on the run?

Well now's your chance to find out. Inspired by the hit Channel 4 TV show and brought to you by the production company behind the format, now it’s your chance to Get Hunted.

In a world in which your every move is tracked and your every decision monitored, could you avoid being caught?

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