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Monday 24th October

Escape London - Escape Casino

As if escaping the casino wasn't challenging enough the room is filled with additional puzzles that hold rewards. Should you stay or should you go?

Find clues, solve logic puzzles, break the codes and find the key to your freedom. Using your powers of observation and problem solving you and your team will have to work together to escape.

You won't get rich without taking the risk...

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Tuesday 25th October

Steak Night with Bob!

You asked for it so it's back. The latest Thinking Bob foodie evening - Steak Night with Bob!

Join your fellow bobbers for a delicious dinner and some great conversation. This is a very relaxed social. Everyone will be turning up alone so it's a great chance to meet some new people and make some new friends.

Whether you like your fillet done rare or your sirloin cooked well-done, there's something on the menu for everyone. Maybe you'd rather try the slow-cooked Beef Shortrib instead of the steak?

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Cocktails and Cryptic Crosswords

Love cryptic crosswords? Or ever wondered how the hell they work? Now's your chance to give them a go!

Most of us love a quick crossword - a speedy, satisfying test of our vocabulary and general knowledge, to kill a few spare minutes or make a commute more bearable. But have you ever wondered how cryptic crosswords work? With their mysterious code and seemingly-bizarre references, they can seem uncrackable.

This is, of course, not true and they are indeed crackable: you just need to tools at hand to do it. And tonight, we're giving you those tools! If you're a beginner, we'll teach you everything you need to know.

We'll take on a couple of crosswords together as a group over a few cocktails.

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Wednesday 26th October

Sparkling Pumpking Carving

This Halloween Drink, Shop & Do are throwing a pumpkin party so classy it's scary.

Hosted by Drink, Shop & Do and Veuve Clicquot this is bound to be one Spook-tacular night. Kick off the night with a glass of complimentary champagne before carving your very own Jack O'Lantern.

So let's Carve out some fun this Halloween and let the Ghoul times roll!

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All New: Poppy Loves Book Club

Book club is getting a mini makeover for October. With a brand new host Haley taking the reigns and new venue Casa Tua - Kings cross. Casa Tua will become the new home of book club and to kick off October everyone will get a welcome cocktail and a selection of amuse bouche to get started.

We team up with the wonderful Poppy Loves Book Club for our monthly book club social. This means that 100's of women around the world are also reading the same book and we'll join in the online conversation on the night with the author.

Yes, sadly, it is girls only but if you're of the male gender and interested in hosting a similar social we are looking for potential hosts so please get in touch.

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BYO Board Games Night

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a board games junkie, then join us this evening and re-live your youth with some of our favourite board game classics!

It's the perfect activity for a Wednesday night - buy a beer, bring your favourite board game, and settle down to enjoy yourself with some new Bob friends.

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Thursday 27th October

Curry Night with Chris!

It's been a tough week and you need a break. And what better way to warm the soul than with a hot curry and some great company!

Join us for a Thursday evening of engaging and random conversation with fellow thinkers. Awkward silences are a thing of the past as we delve into some delicious Indian food and enjoy a chilled out evening of relaxed conversation.

Bring your own bottle, choose your own spice level and let's get this BALTI started! (geddit?)

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Speakeasy Drinks

New is old news. It’s all about the retro as we revisit the days of America's Prohibition era in London's best speakeasy bars.

Our capital is brimming with elusive bars hidden behind unmarked doors and unassuming entrances. They invite those in the know to intimate yet raucous evenings. Join us as we sip cocktails from teacups, peruse menus hidden in books and soak up some jazz.

So, dust off your dancing shoes and dig out your map as London invites you into an underground world of illicit drinking.

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New Member Drinks

This is simply a chance for new members to pop in for a drink and meet one of the team!

It's the perfect social if you're new to the community, or are feeling a bit nervous. It'll give you the opportunity to meet someone from Team Bob, who can answer any questions you have about the website, the app or the socials.

You'll also get to meet one of our volunteer Hosts, who provide a friendly face to greet you at the door and will never leave you sat alone in a corner.

Nothing hectic - just a few drinks and a chat to get the weekend started!

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Friday 28th October

Bob does Countdown

Start the clock!

We've all seen the show, we all know how it works. Choose your 9 letters (vowel or consonant?) then each team has 30 seconds to make the longest word they can out of the combined letters!

We'll be putting you into teams as you arrive - so don't worry about turning up alone.

It's going to be a great game, and it's the perfect chance to meet some new people and make some new friends!

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Saturday 29th October

Invasion of the Bobber Snatchers!

Project CRETIN (Covert Research: Extra-Terrestrial in Nature), a specialised branch of the British Secret Service, has been set up to ascertain the true nature of a coded message believed to be of the extra-terrestrial kind.

BOBBERS BEWARE! It is strongly believed they're coming after our brains this Halloween! This weekend you are at high risk of being snatched so it is highly recommend you gather around Whitehall, where CRETIN will increase security to protect us.

Using the very thing they want (our brains), we'll work in teams to decode as many messages as we can and patrol the area, without being seen of course! Can we save our brains and the city without losing any bobbers in the process? Let's find out.

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Stranger Things Halloween Party

This Halloween our friends at Drink, Shop & Do are taking us back to the '80s for a Stranger Things themed bash.

The supernatural hit show that borrows the wonder and awe of the best films, books, and TV shows from the 1980s and mixes them into its own blend of sci-fi bliss is coming to London for a night of terror.

Come along as we get down in the upside down this Halloween. We'll meet for a few drinks before the party gets started so we can get to know each other and head in together.

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Sunday 30th October

ExtremeBob - Darent Valley

Join us and take on this challenging walk through an area of outstanding natural beauty. If you feel like getting out of the city and pushing yourself then this is for you. It will of course be filled with conversation and fun, and we won't take it all "too" seriously but you will need to have walking boots for this one.

Starting at the market town of Otford, we will make our way through fields, woods and the banks of the River Darent. We will take in some of the area's great Roman and Medieval history before the walk comes to an end in the village of Eynsford.

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Sunday Roast

The leaves are falling and Autumn is here so grab your comfy jumper and head to the pub for a good old Sunday roast!

Tuck in to your favourite meat (or not - there are other veggie options available!) served with all the trimmings, then sit back and enjoy some relaxing Sunday conversation with your fellow bobbers. Or maybe a board game or two?

The venue has 5* reviews, a fab wine selection and the location is perfect for a stroll around the city afterwards to walk it off.

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