Thinking Bob vs. other socials sites: why we’re different

10th August 2016

Drinks and conversation social in the pub

Ah, the internet. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity, but a myriad of choices. How do you decide which socials site to join to meet new friends and, most of all, have fun?

How do you know which ones will leave you with lasting friendships, and which will leave you sitting in a pub wishing you were somewhere else?

We’ve been there, so we’ve rounded-up the ways we think Thinking Bob is different to all the rest…

1. We’re an offline community, not just an online group

When you join Thinking Bob, you’re joining a friendly community of like-minded and welcoming people. Your first event can be nerve-wracking, but every one of our members has been in the same position and we’re proud to say that everyone makes an effort to get to know new faces.

Roxie quote: Members (or ‘bobbers’ as we’re known) are so friendly and open. After one or two events you basically feel part of a giant family and a loving community. (1)

Get involved and you’ll start seeing familiar faces at each event you come to, making it easier to get to know them.

2. We’ll make an effort to get to know you as a person

Whether that’s at our weekly New Member Drinks, through our bigger Signature Socials like quizzes and treasure hunts, or through smaller events run by our trusted team of hosts.

3. We know how hard it is to move to London… we’ve done it!

Our CEO Becks set up Thinking Bob after moving to London and struggling to meet people on her level.

Becks tried dating sites and pub quizzes, but she wanted lively, intelligent conversation with people on her wavelength. So she assembled a team of helpers who’d all been in the same boat, and Thinking Bob was born!

Sofie quote

We know how it feels to move to a new city on your own, or to find your social life a bit lacking after your university friends have settled down. Which is why we put all our energy into gearing our socials around new London experiences and helping people connect.

4. Bigger socials = more chances to make friends

We’re famous for our street games, treasure hunts and pub quizzes; they’re the biggest events in our calendar and are usually themed to make them extra fun!

Ever hunted around the Natural History Museum, played Game of Thrones in Crystal Palace or answered questions Big Break style? We do, and we’d love for you to join us next time! These bigger Signature Socials bring lots of our members together.

Saliya quote

Everyone comes on their own, new or old, and is put in a team with other members. Everything is geared around making sure there’s never a dull moment and there’s also a social afterwards to get to know other teams.

So no cliques here!

5. We do this for a living, not a hobby

Thinking Bob is run by our dedicated, experienced team of full-time staff who put blood, sweat and tears into ensuring that our events are worth every penny of your subscription. We’re not just doing this in our spare time – we work from our office five days a week, and we love our jobs!

Becks quote

Becks our CEO, James our technical whiz, Tori our community assistant and Phil our commercial guru are backed-up by a team of writers and freelancers. So you can be sure we’re dedicated to connecting you with new people, in lots of imaginative and interesting ways!

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