7 Reasons Thinking Bob is better than online dating!

11th February 2016

Here at Thinking Bob, we think keeping it old school is best. We believe that meeting people online is great, but that it’s better to, well… MEET them, before DATING them!

After all, what happens if you’re open to meeting someone but not actively looking for a relationship? Exactly.

At Thinking Bob, we give you the chance to meet a lot of people in a pressure free, fun environment, to see if sparks fly naturally. Maybe you’ll meet someone, maybe you won’t. Either way, you’re sure to have a bloody good time!

Did you know…

dating made easier with thinking bob

1. 90% of our members are single…

…We just see ourselves as more than that!  Who wants to walk around with a coloured label on them? We believe that meeting ‘the One’ will happen more naturally when you’re just out having fun. After all, everyone is more attractive, more confident and much friendlier when they’re having a good time!

2. All of our signature socials are designed by us.

We create the perfect relaxed environments and events for you to meet new people so you don’t have panic about organising anything. No more worrying about finding the perfect date venue, just rock up and have some fun!

Brighton beach social with thinking bob

3. We have great online tools so you can connect with others, but we’ve also got your back!

We personally verify all of our members and only unlock our messaging system once you’ve been approved. This is why we ask everyone to attend a signature social (the purple ones!) as their first event. Did you know over 50% of women on dating sites receive inappropriate messages when online dating? With us, you’re never going to turn up to an event and discover that the 6 women in their twenties who you thought you were having dinner with, are actually 6 men in their sixties!

4. We connect people by personality types.

All our events have a thinking edge to them, so if you like the look of them, it’s highly likely you’ll find people you click with!

pub quiz

5. Thinking Bob is about using your brain.

Say goodbye to awkward silences. We all want to date someone that can hold a decent conversation, so we make sure to always provide interesting conversation starters and/or fun activities to get the ball rolling!

6. It works!

We’ve already had one wedding, and a whole load of other happy couples – who still remain a part of this fast-growing community. Hear from a few of our members here!

thinking bob wedding: saliya's story

7. Your first month as a member is FREE.

So what have you got to lose?

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