The Top 5 Geeky Comedy Shows in London

22nd July 2015

At thinking bob we love nothing more than a smart laugh. If you sit giggling away at the Big Bang Theory and love the fact that you actually get the geeky bits then this selection might be right up your street.


Go 8 Bit

This is one for the video games fans. These laughs come in the form of video game battles led by fabulous comedians Mcneil and Pamphilon.  This show is one for the tech savvy and the duo recommend you bring your smart phone fully charged to take part in the ‘extra cool stuff in show’.

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go 8 bit with thinking bob

Crime Scene Improvisation

This comedy team create an entirely original murder mystery made up on the spot chosen by you, the audience.
‘Who, what and how? The choice is yours. The ‘whodunnit’ problem is theirs’

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Off The Top: The Neuroscience of Improviastion

A Science rapper teams up with neuroscientist to explore the brain basis of improvisation. What doesn’t sound great about that!

What’s going on “under the hood” when a musician or comic improvises, and why are the spontaneous moments of life the most memorable? Nows the chance to find out.

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Festival of the Spoken Nerd

These guys celebrate science and geekinesss through a fantastic, and incredibly funny mixture of comedy, songs and live experiments. They say they will ‘feed your brain, tickle your ribs and light your Bunsen burner with a show for the insatiably sci-curious’ and they do!

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The Dark Room

The Dark Room is a comedy night crossed with a panto, and a LIVE-ACTION VIDEO GAME. It’s absolutely nuts and it seems impossible to win against the giant evil floating head but it is hilarious and has everyone singing and chanting in no time.

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