Uncover the British Museum

Britain’s Secret Treasures Trail


  1. Keeping it simple find the bolded parts of the 10 clues, worth 2 points each.
  2. There are bonus points on offer for each of the “Just for Fun” tasks completed. Each bonus task is worth 1 extra point.
  3. It’s confined to Level 3 + The Parthenon, Enlightenment and its linking rooms.

“Just for fun”


Tweet A Photo Tweet a group photo to @thinkingbob


camera Take a photo of someone in your group kissing a statue


camera Take a photo of two people in your group re-enacting something in the Museum.
Answer the 10 Clues and the additional bonus challenges for points!


1. When time is literally on your side, there’s a game quite long in the tooth. No matter who wins or loses, an animal, in a way, will win and lose.
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2. Look up! A wine god dances with a cat, below a boy would be at rest. Cupids tell the tale, but they are without one of the things for which they’re known best.
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3. All of a Sudan, you’ll find a grave from Kerma. The nearby temple relief depicts a military expedition by who?

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4. Money matters are we near the end of cash? Some suggest we can high five and pay whilst others have a ring made of what? – Definitely ahead of its day!
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5. Anne holds a tiny man in the palm of her hand, but has eyes for which doctor.

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6. This small boy is resting in peace, surrounding by his mummies at least. He wears a blue and pink headdress with a garland and his name there for all to see written under his left hand.

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7. An enlightening case of curiosities you will find. Historical figures were on Sloane’s mind. Which playwright is in the collection?

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8. These birds are a marvellous sight but the eggs they’re sitting on don’t belong to them, who owns the one farthest right?

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9. The lure of amber is clear to see. It shines bright next to a bequeathed prince, what kind is he?

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10. The Parthenon room is long, and at both ends, how many centaurs battle against men? Tally them up. Locate the corresponding frieze and tell me what the horseman has on his head. 

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