You’re fired! The Apprentice Street Game

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Do you scream at the TV thinking you can do better than them? Now's your chance!

This interactive street game is based on aspects taken from the popular show!

Its fun, a great way to discover the Brixton Pound and meet the members,
Saturday, 22nd March 2014    2:00pm - 6:00pm
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Can you use your initiative to be part of the winning team?

Let’s find out! Lord Sweetener invites you to join him in competing for the title of the thinking bob apprentice – don’t worry you won’t actually have to come and work with us! Incorporating elements from our usual outdoor hunts and spy missions but with aspects taken from the popular show The Apprentice. This month our destination is the ever changing Brixton.

Each team will be given some Brixton Pounds  by Lord Sweetener and assigned various tasks and challenges to complete within the time limit. From hunting down items, negotiating the best bargain, brainstorming the most imaginative/fun solution to a problem and simply gaining the information required to take the victory for your team! If you have a smart phone – bring it fully charged.

As with all our events, don’t worry if you’re feeling shy. It is a team effort and no one will be put on the spot. Its a social event after all and we’ll have a few drinks whilst revealing the results! It’s all just a bit of Saturday afternoon play and a great way to meet new people. Let the game begin……..

Note: Each player will be asked to add £5 into the team pot, all things bought or ‘acquired’ on the day will be raffled off in the pub afterwards

The Brixton Pound

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