Treasure Hunt – The Live Escape Game! Part II – Zen Room

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Are you good at puzzles, cracking codes or breaking out of jail?

Would you like to be locked in Euston with thinkingbobbers for an hour?
Then you'll love HintHunt, a new simple and fun escape game!
Monday, 11th November 2013    5:45pm
King's Cross/St. Pancras
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What else?hint hunt with thinking bob

Treasure Hunt:

You get 60 minutes to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a locked room. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time!  Else … you could be trapped inside forever! Two teams will go head to head – whichever team escapes in the fastest time wins.

This is part II as we are tackling the more difficult Zen Room – however you don’t have to have done the easier one – you’re welcome to come along for the challenge.  The first room starts at 5.45pm and lasts an hour, the second group will go in shortly after. The plan is for everyone to meet at the venue – whilst the first group are in the second group will go for a drink and vice versa. If you are only able to make one of the two times – please e-mail us and let me know!

Contact details will be sent out by your host for the evening Saliya.

Note: This event is member hosted and not run by thinking bob.  The two rooms have been booked out exclusively for thinking bob members so both your team and the opposing team will be members.
For more information on the company that run this event go to
Cancellation Policy: As the member has already booked these tickets in advance directly with the 3rd party HintHunt, there is no cancellation policy for this event. It is popular though so i’m sure others will want to take it off your hands if something comes up.

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