Solar Observation at the Hampstead Observatory & Lunch

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Have you ever wondered what a solar observation looked like through a telescope? Have you always had an interest in astronomy?
Then this is the event for you!
You can view interesting objects through the fine 6-inch Cooke refractor which was presented to the Society by George Avenell in 1923. Members of the section are always on hand to show visitors such sights as Saturn's rings, Jupiter's cloud belts, the craters and mountains on the Moon and some of the brighter 'deep sky' objects - star clusters and one or two nebulae and galaxies. On Sunday mornings they can safely project an image of the Sun to reveal sunspots and faculae. They are open free of charge however donations are always welcome.
Lunch will be had at the Duke of Hamilton afterwards at 1pm.
Sunday, 27th October 2019    11:00am - 2:30pm
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