Pub Philosophy: Meta-ethics

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This month we will be exploring meta-ethics. Where does morality come from? Are some things morally right for all people everywhere, or does morality vary from culture to culture, or person to person? Can moral claims be justified on wholly rational grounds? Are moral claims fundamentally emotional? We will discuss these and other topics. Members will be talking through 5 or 6 different cards, each of which will have several different quotes or claims.

We encourage people to put forward their points of view without fear. No academic or philosophical background is necessary, only a passion for inquiry. Just turn up and enjoy.
Sunday, 23rd September 2018    6:00pm - 9:30pm
Camden Town
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The Plan

Your host will meet you at 6.00pm at the Crown Tavern where a room will be reserved for us upstairs. Although this is not a ‘dinner’ event, food is available at the pub and you’ll be free to order there if you wish.

Tell me more

As governments struggle to keep pace with technology, we’ll debate the delicate balance between the benefits that data analytics bring, and the ethical and privacy risks they pose. Join your laughably under-qualified host as, we ask such fundamental questions as…
Who owns information about me?
Do I have a right to be forgotten?
If you’d done nothing wrong, do you have anything to hide?

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