Valentine’s Lying Lovers Street Tour!

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Our Liars’ tour gives you a chance to show off your London knowledge, win prizes, perform in public and tell fibs on the streets of London.

At each stop a long the way, our fantastic guide will not only relate a mixture of amusing, useful and strange facts about the area but also 2 of you will have the chance to get involved and read two stories, one of these is an implausible truth the other a believable lie.

Today we'll be doing a circular tour, crossing both London and Tower Bridges, and featuring tall tales about animals, food, warfare and nursery rhymes, with (of course) a dash of romantic gossip thrown in for good measure!

You may end up impersonating a pirate, meowing like a cat or being led blind fold... you may also win some lovely prizes. It all depends on if you're able to spot the truth!

There'll be a glass of bubbly and treats on the way around!
Sunday, 14th February 2016    12:00pm - 3:30pm
London Bridge
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