Halloween Treasure Hunt: Invasion of the Bobber Snatchers!

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Project CRETIN (Covert Research: Extra-Terrestrial in Nature), a specialised branch of the British Secret Service, has been set up to ascertain the true nature of a coded message believed to be of the extra-terrestrial kind.

BOBBERS BEWARE! It is strongly believed they're coming after our brains this Halloween! This weekend you are at high risk of being snatched so it is highly recommended you gather around Whitehall, where CRETIN will increase security to protect us.

Using the very thing they want (our brains), we'll work in teams to decode as many messages as we can and patrol the area, without being seen of course! Can we save our brains and the city without losing any bobbers in the process? Let's find out.
Saturday, 28th October 2017    2:00pm - 5:00pm
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