Explore Maltby Street Market: Ropewalk

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A food market to leave Borough quaking in its boots.

This small but bustling market offers 'a gourmet street dining experience' with fresh produce, including breads, cakes, meats and cheeses with fresh food, cooked right there at the stall.

Aptly signed Ropewalk, this hidden little narrow stretch of a few short blocks beneath a raised trestle is filled with beautiful and delicious samplings of high-end street food. Even calling it street food is an insult to the pride of preparation and presentation that goes into such things as whole roast pig, sausages, argentine steak, indian food, french pastries, brownies, South African grilled food, wraps, tacos and more. Beer and wine stands punctuate the array, and the whole thing sits outside a bunch of wonderful, tiny permanent food-service establishments.
Sunday, 4th September 2016    12:00pm - 3:00pm
London Bridge
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