Dr Who Locations Day in London – Full Day Guided Tour

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This is – we promise! – a walk we’ve been badgering dedicated “Doctor Who” fan Ian Jelf to do for simply ages!

A younger generation could be forgiven for thinking that Doctor Who has only existed for four series and that most of its location filming has gone on in and around Cardiff.   Well, how wrong can you be?

Doctor Who actually began all the way back in 1963, supposedly in a junk yard in East London.   Over the years, the capital has been scene to countless bits of DW location filming so, whether “your” Doctor was Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker or any of the other actors who’ve played him over the years, this day is for you as we go to visit some of the sites which have featured, from the black and white days of William Hartnell, right up to the present Doctor.

We’ll meet at the place where the Daleks pursued the first Doctor in 2164 before going on the trail of Daleks conquering 22nd century London, seeing where Cybermen emerged from the sewers in 1968 and where UNIT has battled War Machines and even the Yeti!
Saturday, 21st July 2018    10:15am - 5:00pm
Charing Cross
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