Guess Who Sherlock Style Street Game

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Sherlock Holmes and Watson return to the streets of London and are reaching out to thinking bob members to help solve their most recent investigation of 'Guess Whom?'

This is a game of Deduction, mystery, and treasure hunting set in bleak streets of London's Westminster. Will you be the one to solve the crime and guess who's being targeted first?
Outside Temple Tube Station
Saturday, 21st March 2015    2:00pm
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Follow the clues and deduce who’s the target..

At thinking bob we love our Treasure Hunts and we love mixing Sherlock Holmes with our favourite board games – shaking them through the brains of our writers and game creators to produce epic experiences on city streets – this summer we’re inspired by Guess Who.

Whether you’ve already played our Cluedo inspired Deduction game or not, you will enjoy our brand new mystery Treasure Hunt set in London’s Westminster.


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