Debating London – The Gender Pay Gap

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This February, the government announced that from 2018, all UK employers who hire over 250 people will have to report on their ‘gender pay gap’ – the difference in pay received by men and women who do the same job. The rationale for the decision is that there remains an estimated 19.2% pay gap even though it is against the law to pay men and women different amounts for doing the same job.

However, many people are unhappy with the decision. On the one hand, business groups and influential parts of the governing Conservative party are concerned that the new regulations will be used to name and shame some employers by ranking them in a league table, while unions and the Labour party complain that they should have come into effect this year, as originally promised by the Prime Minister before last year’s election.

Join your fellow thinking bobbers at this public debate, by one of our top debating gurus and experts Tony Koutsoumbos!
Wednesday, 2nd March 2016    7:30pm - 8:30pm
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