City Impro’s Comedy Balderdash Serial Killer Tour

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According to the Balderdash University Dean, it's time to "diversify our earning potential" and, by total coincidence, the government are outsourcing police training to Balderdash University. You join the force as a rookie cop, looking to enter the elite serial killer division of the London Met Police. The problem is your Senior Officers are aged 1970's style officers forced to train you just before retirement and you'll be helping with the one case they couldn't crack: The Protractor. No pressure.

Your Senior Officers will struggle through the evening with your helpful suggestions on the names of the victims, the murder weapons, and the unexpected clues. Can you help solve the case? Will your insight make the difference? Only time will tell...

Warning: this is an improvised tour where everything is completely untrue and made up on the spot.
Saturday, 22nd October 2016    6:30pm - 10:30pm
London Bridge
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