Book Club: Catch up on the Classics

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Everyone is welcome as we catch up on the books on our reading list, the one's you've 'always been meaning to read'. Old or new, long or short - which one we read is up to you. At the end of each social we'll pick the next one we want to read.

So whether you love the classics or you've not yet read one, you never know whether your next favourite book is just pages away.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018    7:00pm - 10:00pm
Kings Cross St Pancras
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This month we’re reading…

This month we’re reading Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

The plan

Your lovely host Haley, will meet you at the venue at 7:00PM for a drink and a discussion of the latest book. She’ll come ready with the themes, talking points and questions  – you just input what you think.

From Oscar Wilde to J.K.Rowling

Who doesn’t love a good book? Whether you’re a Tube reader, a bed reader, or a sit in a corner of a quiet cafe reader – you’re invited to our brand new book club once a month for an evening of discussion and dilemma over our monthly selected book.

The next book will be decided by you at the end of the session so whether you’ve read it already or it’s been on your reading list feel free to put forward any suggestions.

Haven’t had time to read the book?

Don’t let this deter you! Show up anyway! It’s a great chance to be in the room with a bunch of like minded literary fans! Plus we’ll be choosing the next month’s book each time we meet.

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