Sherlock is Back! And this time we’re playing guess who!

1st July 2014

Letters to the Strand…

The sequel to our popular street game Deduction is here.

treasure hunt london

At thinking bob we love mixing Sherlock Holmes with our favourite board games – shaking them through the brains of our writers and game creators to produce epic experiences on city streets – this summer we’re inspired by Guess Who.

Whether you’ve already played our Cluedo inspired Deduction game or not, you will enjoy our brand new mystery treasure hunt set in London’s Westminster.

Join the deductive duo – follow clues, make deductions and most importantly SOLVE the mystery.

What’s the Story?

The Editor of The Strand magazine has received a letter this week, addressed to “Dr John Watson, c/o The Strand”. The letter is signed merely Guess whom but the handwriting and the perfume are both unmistakeable. The letter has come from none other than Irene Adler.

She writes: I didnt dare write to you at your home in Baker Street, since my moves are under surveillance and I did not want to alert my pursuer to my next intended course of action. I would be grateful therefore if you forwarded all the information in this envelope to your friend Mr Holmes, discreetly.

And so he has, and very intriguing it is too. 24 delegates are in town and one of them is being targeted – but which one, can you guess – cleverly deduce – who in time? Only one way to find out. With suspects to interview, evidence to uncover and clues to solve – it won’t be a walk in the park but definitely a fun way to see London and make some new friends at the same time.

meet new people in London

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