Uncover the Science Museum

Science Museum Treasure Hunt Clues


  1. Solve the 10 clues below each worth 2 points each. The bolded parts indicate what you need to find if it’s not obvious.
  2. One point for the correct location (area/room) – One point for the correct answer.
  3. They vary in difficulty  – some are more cryptic than others. Some have clear Location indicators some do not. Just answer as many as you can in the time you have and enjoy the museum.
  4. There are bonus points on offer for each of the “Just for Fun” tasks completed. Each bonus task is worth 1 extra point.

“Just for fun”


Tweet A Photo Tweet a group photo of your team to @thinkingbob and @sciencemuseum


camera Take a photo of your team body spelling BOB


camera Find Elliott in the museum and take a team photo


Answer the 10 Clues and the additional bonus challenges for points!


1. LOCATION: This room has an unsynchronized NUMDUPLE at it’s entrance

Find something that was part-owned by a Cook and write the next four letters in this sequence:

ABDEFG_ _ _ _

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2. LOCATION: Where the beautiful people strut their stuff

Find a volcano that shouldn’t be on the moon.

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3. LOCATION: Identity crisis

This sleeping baby is stronger than you – how?

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4. LOCATION: Knowledge is power:

Samuel Hill the plumber/painter lived in what English town?

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5. LOCATION: Textile disputes

This house is nothing like a house but there’s lots of carpet to see. Find number 178 for what material also found under your feet.

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6. LOCATION: In the home – follow the drills

What toothpaste was used by a girl in the jungle?

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7. LOCATION: Dividing opinion

What number lies on a Nice cabinet, East of New York and North of Paris?

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8. LOCATION: In a space with a black arrow

Where people wear water, but no-one’s wearing it now – whose hand once rested in a space below your eyes just now?

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9. LOCATION: A visit back in time

A Lovelly watch without numbers was made by a Hardy man, but who was it for?

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10. LOCATION: Crafting the here and now

Which Miss World contestant beat the reigning champion to the crown in 1929?

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