Rescuing lazy souls from their sofas

23rd September 2015

Samuel Johnson very wisely said: 

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…”

This describes perfectly the spirit of London for newbies or people living in this vibrant city.

London Skyline - by Davide D'Amico - Flickr

London Skyline – by Davide D’Amico – Flickr

I recently moved from Nice – it had lovely sunny weather, great french cuisine and wonderful landscapes and naturally, people keep asking me why I’ve moved from the French Riviera to London, to which I like to answer “Nice is nice but London is better”.

I’ve visited London a couple of times before moving here and fell easily in love with the city, especially at Christmas time; the buildings and streets were filled with joy and dressed so beautifully. Camden Town, Notting Hill, South Bank, Piccadilly –  the welcoming lights created such a charming atmosphere and I remember so fondly how happy i felt.

Summertime was also great in London, having a picnic in Greenwich park, the unique array of culture in each museum, jogging with squirrels in Regents Park (these graceful creatures always makes me smile and they are everywhere!) and I am truly so happy to be back again… even if it does seem to be raining season.

London is a great option when it comes to challenging yourself and embracing the opportunities it holds which allow you to achieve your dreams. But the experience you have in any city is proportional to the conditions you create for yourself.

Until recently I had been content, but I was beginning to find that choosing something fun to do from the overwhelming range of interesting activities London provides was becoming difficult and I began feeling a little lost in the labyrinth of London experiences. Falling into the stereotype of a busy Londoner, catching up with this city and its inhabitants can be a truly arduous task. 

socialising in London

This is where thinking bob came in for me, somehow rescuing lazy souls from their couches and helping them to stay linked with many great events which allows them to get their social life in order properly. 😉 I was becoming one of these lazy souls and to Bob, I thank you.

Being part of the community allows me to meet lots of new people, I have made a number of new friends, and am now developing new networks whilst also discovering new venues and experiences that I would have never found on my own.

The few events I’ve joined so far have been with very welcoming and helpful people, the team are always coming up with great events to pop in on, there are activities for every type of person and personality, and as long as you keep an open mind and  have a slightly curious nature you will never be bored again. 

When I first arrived in the city and entered the hustle and bustle of London life, I knew It could be easy miss out on many of the great things going on in London, and although you can’t have it all, I still wanted a big bite of the cake…

by Davide D’Amico on Flickr

….for there is in London all that life can afford”

and for there is in thinking bob all to make your new adventure truly happy.

Au revoir mes amis,

Luciano Federico

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