Our Partners

Over the past couple of years we’ve made some pretty good friends of our own in town who offer our lovely members perks, discounts and benefits. All of which you get to enjoy by being part of the community. If you would like to become a thinking bob partner get in touch.


  • Nordic Bar

  • Draughts

  • The Proud Archivist

  • Museum of Brands

  • Joy Pad Bar

  • Conway Hall

  • Royal Institution


  • Room Escape Adventures

  • Escape Land

  • Lockd

  • Handmade Mysteries

  • City impro

  • Go 8 bit

  • Festival of Spoken Nerd

  • Time Run

  • The Dark Room

  • Laugh Train Home

  • Bogan Bingo

  • Poppy Loves Book Club

  • Pop Up Painting

  • Hidden Rooms


  • Moove2London

  • Yelp