Own a part of Thinking Bob, London’s most innovative friending site!

31st August 2015

You might already know Thinking Bob, but do you want to own a part of it too? We’re currently crowdfunding to take our community to the next level, offering you a chance to invest in something you believe in! We’re nearly completed so don’t miss out.

Find out more below or, if you’re already sold on the idea, go straight to our crowdfunding page here.

Why invest in Thinking Bob?

In short, we’re very special and we’re growing fast!

We believe we’re the only site to empower our wonderful members to create their own social circles and private events. We do that through unique socials that you’ll only find on ThinkingBob.co.uk – and that’s why our members love being a part of our community (read what they say about us here).

Retro sports day

Our members love being part of our community!

From our incredibly popular Game of Phones treasure hunt to our annual retro sports days and our pub quizzes, we develop all of our socials ourselves. So we’re confident that Thinking Bob is the first platform of its kind to market, and the only one that caters for geeks, culturalists and intellectuals.

And we’re growing, too: since our marketing launch in January this year, we’ve:

  • Grown 400%
  • Expanded to 55+ socials a month
  • Attracted over 8,000 registered members

How does the site make money?

We generate revenue from subscriptions, plus more from charges for events and corporate events.

How much investment is required?

Our investment target is £50,010 for 6.24% equity and we suggest investing between £300 and £1,200. For more information about this and our exit strategy, please see our CrowdBnk page here.

How will the money be used?


Our innovative socials are designed for geeks, culturalists and intellectuals

To take Thinking Bob to new heights and attract more fantastic people to the community!

We want to expand further in London and into Manchester, plus keep developing our site as a global, scalable platform. To do that we need to reach more people, which is where investment for marketing support comes in.

How do I invest?

For more details and to invest, visit the CrowdBnk website:

I’ve still got questions!

If you’d like to know more and the answer to your question isn’t included in the CrowdBnk page, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] or call 07949 764 006.

I want to know more about Thinking Bob

Find out more about us, our members and our exciting socials at our about page here.

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