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New People, New Friends, New Discoveries

In a city where walking unnaturally fast is considered polite, and eye contact is considered an excuse to move seats, chances to make new friends don’t come often. Let’s face it, it gets harder as you get older. Gone are the university days when you met 100’s of new people a week and you never even thought of a dating site  – when would you have had time? Adulthood and London change this. But don’t worry, this is where Thinking Bob comes in.

With something going on every night of the week, you can meet 50 potential new friends at once, and the online tools make it really easy to keep track of the people you got along with best so you can arrange to see them again. Our aim is to make it fun and exciting to head out on your own, a little London adventure akin to backpacking – you never know who you might meet.

New Friends, New Experiences.

There’s no better way to get to know new people than through a shared experience, that’s why university and gap years have often yielded our closest friends in the world. We work very hard at Bob HQ to provide unique socials and innovative ways to meet potential new friends and experience something new at the same time. What’s more you’re first month is FREE – so come along to a new members social and find out more.

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Our socials

Just for fun

These include great conversation, lovely people and trying something new.

Pub quiz nights

Pub quiz night in London

Join us for the best quiz nights in town and test your skills with the tin foil…

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunt in London

A unique way to explore your city and never a dull moment.

Murder mysteries

Unleash your alter ego and play detective for a night of murderous fun.

Smart talking

Debate night in London

Get your discussion hat on for thinking bob‘s smart talking socials

Escape rooms

Think you can you puzzle your way out of a locked room? Come and give it a try.

Members’ stories

Owen & Nida’s story

Owen and Nida

Find out how Owen and Nida have become inseparable friends since meeting at thinking bob.

Sofie’s story

Sofie’s story

Sofie moved to London from overseas and found thinking bob, now she’s one of our most trusted hosts.

Saliya’s story


Born and bred in London - Saliya has found fun, friends and even love at thinking bob - find out how.

Break your routine and take a different approach to your social life