Moving to London: Anna’s Story

21st March 2018


Name: Anna
Age: 31
From: France

How long have you been in London?

5 years!

Meet New People In London

What made you join Thinking Bob?

I wanted to make new friends and have people to explore the city with.

Is there any reason you choose TB over any other social club or site?

I really loved the cultural (and maybe slightly geeky) twist from Bob when I was looking for a
social club. As I went through my trial month I also figured that there was a really genuine vibe within the community so figured it was definitely a group for me!

Meet New People In London

How long have you been a member?

A little more than a year (16 months).

Meet New People In London

What’s your favourite social?

It’s really hard to choose one only! I’m a big fan of the ‘Historic Pub Crawl’ as it is the perfect blend between culture and social gathering. Who doesn’t love a good chat with brilliant people in a historical place!

Also a big fan of the museum lates and tours. Lastly – and I guess that’s one of the key assets of thinking bob! – there are a number of events happening in quirky places where you would have never been otherwise, always love a random discovery!

Meet New People In London

What’s the best thing about your Thinking Bob journey so far?

Without a doubt: fantastic friends. I can say in all honesty that I have met some
amazing people thanks to Thinking Bob. Even if not everyone becomes a BFF, the community has a variety of backgrounds which can make each chat super interesting.

Meet New People In London

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining?

That they should DEFINITELY, do! Also that the trial month is a great way to clear any doubts or hesitation. They should pack as many events as possible in their trial month to really capture the extent of the potential of Thinking Bob… and let the magic of people and events operate 🙂

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