What’s it like to organise your own thinking bob social? Josie’s story…

8th April 2014

Did you know you can create your own social as well as attending the ones in our calendar?

thinking bob members having fun

If you’ve got something fun in mind, whether it’s a trip to the cinema or a visit to an exhibition, then you can get some members together through our website and we’ll do the rest.

That’s what Josie, one of our members, did when she created and organised our Public Speaking for Scaredy Cats event. Here’s what she thought…

What made you want to create a social about public speaking?

I came up with the idea for a public speaking event after signing up for a balloon debate, only to end up taking part in the debate itself when the organisers found themselves a man down on the night.

The experience forced me to face my fear of public speaking and, after talking to other people at the event, I realised lots of us share the same fear.

It seemed like it might be fun to create an event dedicated to creating a safe space for ‘scaredy cats’ to overcome their fears of public speaking, whilst also connecting with others over common interests.

thinking-bob-members-having-funHow did you find the thinking bob process for creating a social?

The team at thinking bob were really enthusiastic and encouraging about the idea and it was quickly organised and publicised.

How did you feel before/during/after the event?

I felt nervous on the day of the event but it was thoroughly enjoyable and seemed like a great exercise in confidence-building for myself and the other participants.

What did you get out of the experience?

The talks were a combination of enlightening, entertaining and inspiring, and the feedback very positive. I met a lovely diverse group of people and built upon my own confidence, both through running the event and through my own bit of public speaking.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering running an event of their own.

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