Meet the Bob Team

1st December 2018



Tori – Our Events and Operations Manager

Madame du Bob Tori joined the Thinking Bob team a few years ago and is now responsible for managing our memberships and organising our events. You’ll often find her at a Friday Night Quiz, be sure to come by and say hi!

Have an event idea? Contact Tori and we can add it to the calendar.



James – “Techie Bob”

Techie Bob – James is Tori’s brother and our systems guru. James one of our founders is often seen at events and he is the brains behind many of our quizzes. <interestingFact>NULL</interestingFact>

Volunteering to host events for Thinking Bob

Thinking Bob is fortunate to have many excellent hosts and we are so grateful to each an every one of our amazing hosts. If you would like to find out more about becoming a host, please contact Tori at [email protected]


What sets Thinking Bob apart from other members clubs or socialising sites?

We’ve designed all our signature events with our members in mind. They’re all built especially by us for people who are meeting for the first time, and really help take the pressure off suddenly finding yourself in the midst of a bunch of strangers.

Unlike other online sites and clubs, members can also be secure in the knowledge that every single new member has personally met and been accepted into the community by one of the Thinking Bob team.

What are the plans for the future of Thinking Bob?

We launched our updated app just before Christmas, and we’re currently working on another big update for that. At the moment it provides a great and easy way for members to sign up to events and keep in touch with their growing social circle, but we’re also looking to add more interactive features that will make it even more fun and exciting to use.

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