Meet the Team – James (Techy Bob)

15th May 2016

Since setting up just a few years ago, Thinking Bob has gone through a lot of changes. What started as a small selection of events has become a massive community of smart and interesting bobbers who attend over 60 events and socials a month.

We have a website, a snazzy app and (most exciting of all) our community has nearly reached 11,000 members!

In honour of this, we’re taking you on a journey behind the scenes to get to know the people who make up Team Bob.

We want to give you a better insight into what happens here in at Bob HQ, who we are, what we love and what each of us does to make Thinking Bob tick around the clock.

And today we’re talking to someone who really DOES make Thinking Bob tick around the clock… our tech expert: James!


Hi James! So let’s start at the beginning… how long have you been a part of Team Bob?

My time at Thinking Bob started as close to the beginning as possible. I joined a few months after Becks came up with the concept – when I was fresh-faced and ready for a challenge.

I loved the idea and loved meeting new people, so it wasn’t a tough sell for Becks!

Talk us through your role at Thinking Bob…

I seem to find myself in charge of anything that involves tech – I think it’s something of a natural calling! This can range from the obvious challenge of building new features and maintaining the website (a skill I’ve had to teach myself since starting at Thinking Bob), to graphic design for event materials and being on hand to run the tech at our regular signature events. You can also finding me manning the technical support email and answering your questions!

What’s your favourite part about the job?

I do love meeting people. There’s something exciting about not knowing who you’ll instantly get along with and finding great people along the way. I think the thing that gets me most excited though is coming up with new event ideas and trying to use technology and design to make things different and exciting from your average event in London.

I believe that the anticipation for fun and entertainment at the event starts from the moment you sign up, so trying to make as many parts of that journey different and exciting is a great feeling.

It’s also great seeing people enjoy something you’ve worked hard on!


What’s your favourite type of Thinking Bob event?

Well… it’s tough to answer as I would normally say the quizzes. However, although you’ll find me at most of them, I can count on one hand the number I’ve actually played! Usually I’m a bit busy working the tech side of things. When I do play, I can get a bit competitive though!

Great! Let’s wrap this up with some quick-fire questions:

If you were an animal, what would you be?

My choice would be something cool like an eagle or something… but I’m probably a fish of some sort as I’m quite easily distracted!

Favourite part of London?

Might be a bit obvious but I absolutely love the Southbank – there’s always something going on and so many new things to see each time you go there. Plus it’s only a short stumble over to Waterloo and home!

Favourite snack?
I love anything savoury – my fridge would be full of little bits to nibble on, most lunches will however feature a bag of Monster Munch… I love those things!

Favourite beverage?

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