Meet the Team – Hayley (Events and Community Assistant)

31st March 2016

Since setting up just a few years ago, Thinking Bob has gone through a lot of changes. What started as a small selection of events has become a massive community of smart and interesting bobbers who attend over 60 events and socials a month.

We have a website, a snazzy app and (most exciting of all) our community has nearly reached 11,000 members!

In honour of this, we’re taking you on a journey behind the scenes to get to know the people who make up Team Bob.

We want to give you a better insight into what happens here in at Bob HQ, who we are, what we love and what each of us does to make Thinking Bob tick around the clock.

We’ve already heard from our CEO, Becks, and Social Media Manager, Katy. Now it’s time to meet our lovely Events and Assistant Community Manager, Hayley!


Hi Hayley! So let’s start at the beginning… how long have you been a part of Team Bob?

Hi! Well I first started working for Thinking Bob last October as an intern. I’m from Australia originally, so I popped back there for a bit over Christmas to see my family, and then started on as a full-time member of Team Bob in January.

It’s actually the perfect job to have got as an expat because it’s meant I’ve jumped straight into a fully made social life. I’ve literally not had time to feel lonely, because there’s always new people to meet at every event I go to!

That’s fantastic! So what do you miss most about Australia?

The sun and warm weather! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to all the rain and grey skies here in England… The beaches are also fantastic in Oz and, despite everyone thinking our wild life can kill you, they’re amazing too!


Talk us through your role at Thinking Bob.

My official title is Events and Assistant Community Manager, so I help Katy with a lot of the community management work. I’m the one posting out daily reminders for events, sending the Here’s Who You Met emails, messaging new members and dealing with a lot of the admin.

I also take on the majority of the planning for the social calendar and work on securing the awesome venues for our signature socials. We brainstorm a lot of the social ideas ourselves, but I love it when members send us their own suggestions as well. It means the community are getting to go to things they’re really excited about!

Sounds like you’re a busy lady! What’s your favourite part about the job?

I love hitting on a fantastic idea for a new social! I read Time Out cover to cover every week and I’m constantly scouring the net to keep on top of what’s happening in London.

It’s great seeing everything come together at the socials as well. There’s nothing better than hearing people laughing and knowing they’re having a great time because of what we do!


What’s your favourite type of Thinking Bob event?

The quizzes are a lot of fun. However, considering I’m pretty new to London myself, I’m going to go with the socials that involve learning more about London and the history of the city. The treasure hunts and street games are great for that, and I love any of the events we hold at the museums as well!

Great! Let’s wrap this up with some quick-fire questions:

If you were an animal, what would you be? I’d be a vegetarian wolf!

Favourite part of London? Ooh tough one. I like east London a lot. Shoreditch is pretty hip!

Favourite snack? Carrots! I eat so many that at one point I was genuinely turning orange…

Favourite beverage? I love a nice glass of bubbles, but the one drink I can’t live without is coffee! Black, no sugar. Thanks!


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