Meet the Members: Kristy and Richard

13th April 2016

Welcome to another session of Meet the Members!

Richard and Kristy were originally looking for something new they could try in London together. They stumbled upon the Bob community over a year ago now and have been here ever since!

Kristy even became a member of our lovely Host team – you can usually find her hosting our monthly Poppy Loves Book Club social, as well as her newly created Craft and Conversation afternoons.

This is their Bob story!

kristy and richard

Hi guys! OK so first of all, how long have you been members of Thinking Bob, and why did you decide to join?

Kristy: We joined in January 2015 so we’ve been here 15 months now. We had just moved to London and between us we knew no one here. We quickly realised that only having each other to socialise with, while living in one room of a shared house, would only end in murder… A lengthy prison sentence wasn’t on either of our career plans so we knew we needed to start meeting people! A Google search brought up a few companies but either the websites were hard to navigate and we got bored, or they were dating-orientated which we obviously didn’t want.

Richard: Thinking Bob seemed to be quirky, with a mixture of things to do that we would both like, like the outdoor stuff and pub quizzes, as well as stuff we wouldn’t to want do completely on our own, like an Apprentice style treasure hunt around Brixton.

What do you think sets Thinking Bob apart from other socialising networks?

K: As the size of the groups are kept relatively small, you get chance to talk to everyone and also start to recognise regular faces. I’m not sure if this is the same for other networks as we haven’t tried them, we have just stuck to Thinking Bob!

R: There are only so many times you can say what you do for a job or why you moved to London without getting bored. Thinking Bob activities mean that you don’t actually have to have that conversation – you can just spend a few hours with people and have fun!

What’s the best thing you’ve both gotten out of the community?

K: Having conversations! It might sound a bit of a strange one but it’s really nice for us as a couple to be able to talk to other people outside of our relationship – in person and not over the phone!

R: Without meeting new people face-to-face it’s really easy to just talk to your partner or people at work (about work – yawn!) and that’s it. Through Thinking Bob we both know we can go to an event (with or without each other) and spend a couple of hours chatting and laughing with other people.

Do you have any advice or tips for couples looking to join up to the site together?

K: When we went to our first event (a pub quiz) we didn’t sit on the same team. We had the security of knowing the other was there to make things seem less daunting (even though we both realised it wasn’t daunting!), but splitting into different teams meant we each got to meet new people and have a different night but at the same event!

R: It also brought out our competitive streak!

And finally, what’s been your favourite Thinking Bob event so far?

K: I’m biased over my favourite one as it’s one of the ones I host! I would have to say Craft and Conversation is my favourite. I get to talk to others for hours at a time about knitting/sewing/cross-stitch without being ignored like I am at home whenever I approach the subject haha!

R: The escape room events are always good fun, and as a board game fan I really enjoy the game nights. But actually my favourite was probably our first event, the end of year pub quiz – I won a medal and Kristy didn’t!

meet the members

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