Meet the Bob Team – Katy (Community and Social Media)

6th March 2016

Hello Bobbers!

Since setting up just a few years ago, Thinking Bob has gone through a lot of changes. What started as a small selection of events has become a massive community of smart and interesting bobbers who attend over 60 events and socials a month. We have a website, a snazzy app and (most exciting of all) our community recently surpassed 10,000 members!

In honour of this, we’re taking you on a journey behind the scenes to get to know the people who make up Team Bob.

We want to give you a better insight into what happens here in the office, who we are, what we love and what each of us does to make Thinking Bob tick around the clock.

Last month we heard from our CEO, Becks, and today we’re talking to our Social Media Nerd: Katy!

katy team bob

Hi Katy! Let’s start at the beginning… how long have you been a part of Team Bob?

Hi! Well I actually first joined Thinking Bob as a member back in April 2015. I run a lifestyle blog and Becks invited me to pop in and try one of the events and then write a review about my experience. 

My very first event was a St George’s Day QI conversation dinner at the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub and I had a fantastic time! I met some really interesting people, had a delicious dinner and spent ages debating with my table over the conversation cards. We talked about everything from photography to philosophy and I went home feeling inspired and really excited by the whole thing. I joined as a paying member the following week!

A few months later we started talking about me doing some freelance social media work for the company and I then joined the team as the full-time Community and Social Media Manager in November.

That’s great! So what drew you to join Thinking Bob?

I loved the idea of an online-to-offline community that was about friendships, not relationships. When I first moved to London 3 years ago, I really struggled to meet people. I was working as a temp receptionist, so I couldn’t even make friends at work as every week I was in a different office.

At the time, I decided to join an online dating site. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I really just wanted to find people to explore London with, and online dating seemed the only option at the time. That plan quickly got curtailed though, as I met my current boyfriend on my second online date!

After that I trundled along for a bit, until two years later I got interested in blogging and finally discovered a whole community and group of friends through that. It would have made my life SO much easier if I’d only known about Thinking Bob sooner!

katy team bob

Talk us through your role at Thinking Bob.

I’m the Community and Social Media Manager, which basically means that I’m in charge of looking after the community!

It’s my job to ensure that all new members are being greeted and properly welcomed to the fold, and that current members are still enjoying their time with us. I’m constantly messaging people to encourage them to sign up to new events, and I also try and make sure I know who everyone is. Luckily I have quite a good eye for faces!

The second part of my job is to try and grow the community. The more people signed up, the more chances you have to connect with new friends, and the bigger your social circle will get! Social media has always been one of my passions and I now use that to spread the Bob message and encourage new signups.

It sounds interesting! What’s your favourite part about your job?

I love that I can use my online skills to create offline connections. The internet is a fantastic invention, and I’m a passionate advocate for the power of social media, but the best part is definitely when you can take those connections into the real world and actually meet people face to face.

I also love hosting the events. Having the chance to spend time with the community and really listen to what they want from us is invaluable – and fun!!

OK, and what’s your favourite type of Thinking Bob event?

I love the quizzes! I’m a massive general knowledge geek and I love a good pub quiz.

I’m a bit of a foodie as well, so the conversation dinners are always fun too.

Great! Let’s wrap this up with some quick-fire questions:

If you were an animal, what would you be? I’ve always thought I’d be a tabby cat!
Favourite part of London? I love the Southbank. There’s just something about the bridges, the bars, the lights and the sights that always lifts my spirits and reminds me how lucky I am to be living in this fab city.
Favourite snack? Carrot sticks and hummus, or Maltesers – depending what sort of mood I’m in!
Favourite beverage? Coffee or a nice Malbec red wine – depending on the time of day!

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