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Whether you’ve just moved to London or you’ve been here your whole life, Thinking Bob can help you meet new people and explore your city. Our unique socials are designed to help you bond with those around you and make new friends through shared experiences. We are the social members club you’ve been waiting for. Join our team for a quiz night at a pub, try a fabulous restaurant with your new friends, dance the night away at a club, take a sushi making class, catch a new theatre show, or simply explore London with us!

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“Having heard about Thinking Bob I initially joined after looking at all the interesting, fun, unique events that they put on, many of which I’d wanted to do myself for ages. What I got out of joining was so much more. Not only did I have fantastic experiences at these events, I got to meet the most amazing people, some of them becoming some of my closest friends. Thinking Bob gave me a whole new friendship group. It’s more than getting to do events it’s joining a wonderful community.”

~ Mark

“While London is an amazing city, its magnitude can leave one feeling quite isolated.  Thinking Bob has not only been my antidote to this type of ‘metropolitan blues’, it’s gifted me a second family I’d be lost without.  The fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating adventures I’ve had with Thinking Bob are among the highlights of my time here in London; but the people I’ve met through Bob are the treasures I’ll carry with me for all my life.”

~ Aja


Find your first social below or see if your new favourite place is in our guide to London.

Socials in London

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From Hoxton to Holborn and Camden to Clapham, we know a few places that will liven up your evenings and weekends!

Forget what you think you know about meeting new people in London and give our London socials a try. Lasting friendships are born out of shared experiences, and you never know who you might meet!

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Socials in London

Can’t wait for your first social? See what we’re up to this week!

Central London

Socials in central London

Go off the beaten track in central London and experiment.

East London

socials in east london

Think you know east London? One of our socials might surprise you…

West London

Socials in west london

If west is best for you, then our fun socials are ready for you…

South London

Socials in south London

Come south of the river with us and explore another side to your city.

North London

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Is north London your thing? Then let’s try something different.

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