The answer to our online dating woes?

8th October 2014

This is a story of girl meets boy online dating… and then another boy. And a few more. 

Love bank with a smiley faceAs anyone who saw Channel 4’s First Dates last year will tell you, meeting new people through online dating can be a risky business. Unless you’re into a guy like Terry, who calls himself ‘Mr Jiggy Jiggy’. Hey, we’re not judging…

Whatever your type, sometimes Cupid needs a helping hand. Here, three of our members tell us why they’ve swapped blind-dating for bobbing in their quest to meet new people.

It’s all about the chemistry

Sarah*, a thinking bob member, has previously used online dating sites and sums up her experience: “Most sites I’ve used have decided my ‘matches’ using a computer algorithm. For a start, this isn’t very romantic! It also assumes that most people fill out the their profile properly. I’ve found it quite limiting in who I’m matched to.

“At thinking bob, I find people I click with. Meeting like-minded people like this feels more comfortable and I don’t feel that I’m being judged at every corner. Besides, it’s impossible to boil human interactions (and attractions) down to a computer code!”

Building confidence

Richard* tried online dating for a few months but met his current girlfriend offline: “When people talk online, they tend to say things they think you want to hear. So you end up going into the date blind.

Plenty of fish in the sea“Thinking bob is less pressured. You can get to know people naturally without being driven by other people’s goals.”

Sophie* has even used her thinking bob experiences to impress potential dates: “thinking bob’s socials certainly leave you with plenty of stories to tell. You’re encouraged to be yourself and, if you’re feeling shy, the activities bring you out of your shell. Having fun shows off your personality and people are more attractive when they’re happy and confident!”


Here at thinking bob, we take the safety of our members very seriously. We personally vet all of our new members at one of our signature socials, which helps us prevent any unwanted fake profiles. Our socials are full of genuine, fun people and we want to keep it that way!

What’s more, our online tools allow our members can talk without giving their personal details.

The last word…

Sarah remains optimistic about her chances of finding love: “I’d definitely recommend thinking bob over dating sites. Even if I don’t meet a potential partner, I always have fun, chat to lots of new friends and my confidence has rocketed!”

Meet new people, explore the city and use your brain at London’s top social events community! What’s more, your first month of membership is only £1 and you can cancel anytime – what have you got to lose?

Whether you’re new to London, want to expand your social circle or just fancy doing something different, thinking bob is where minds meet. See you soon!

*All names have been changed to protect our members’ identities.

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