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9th May 2014

We have exciting New Features to build your own circle of new friends.

Picture of your profile with new friend requests
Bob has been hard at it behind the scenes to bring the latest updates to our website, first on the list was a way of letting you know who’s attending upcoming socials without loosing our  thinking bob ethos.

You can now see who’s attending upcoming socials but only if you are confirmed friends with them first. The new friends feature keeps you in control of who gets to see what you’re doing. The excitement of ‘who might i meet’ at each event remains but you’ll know to expect some friendly faces too. The members in your new friends group will appear under each event if they are planning to go.

New Friends are here - Picture of Socials with new friend area

There have been some visual updates too! – we’ve got a nice new map feature to show you exactly where you’re going without having to look it up as well a new look account area.

New styled account page

The FutureMy Birthday Drinks, Test social Panel  - allowing you to make new friends easily

Once you’ve got used to the new friends area (…and our developers have had a bit of time to breathe!), we will be launching Private Events so that you can invite your friend group to do things with you – Birthday drinks for example – without the pressure of inviting the whole club.

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