London Night Tube Social Specials

29th July 2015

*These socials have been changed due to the delay in the Night Tube Launch. Please see socials page for up to date information.

Meet new people and experience London together at night. As of September 12th (00.01), London will become a 24h city at the weekends and to mark the occasion we’re urging Londoners to get out and experience our wonderful city at night through a series of Late Night Special Socials. Unforgettable London experiences connecting people and across the city.

Friday 11th – Late Night City Spy Adventure

You’ll get into detective teams on arrival, collect your Secret Agent packs and download the interactive spy app to begin this after dark mission. A race against the clock treasure hunt style game where you can expect to interact with characters and use special black light torches to hunt out UV evidence.


Saturday 12th – After hours Stories: Naughty London

The Naughty London tour is all about grime, debauched activities and down right filth! We LOVE all the nastiness and grossosity that London has created up over the last few decades. Join us and find out the origins of our favourite f*#%ing swear word. Discover why poo was so valuable? And visit a Nest of Satan….


Friday 18th – The Late Night Escape: Prison Break

A holiday with friends goes horribly wrong. One minute you were partying the next you all wake up chained together in jail. You need to work together to quickly get yourselves out of this mess. Solve the puzzles, open the padlocks and run for freedom. The outcome is up to you! Either you manage to get out or the cold hole takes you prisoner forever….

Late Night Escape

Saturday 19th – After hours Stories: Bullshit Serial Killer Tour

Welcome to the Bullsh*t police department. You’ve finish basic training, obtained your badge and now you’re part of the team as a junior detective. Explore London by night as you follow CityImpro as your Chief Inspectors, walking you through spooky locations in the hunt to solve a string of serial killings. This improvised comedy tour takes on the Jack the Ripper myth where the serial killer is chosen by you, and all the facts of the case and the clues are being made up as you go along.

night tube london

Friday 25th – Dark Secrets of the Underground

Our expert guide will lead us on an after dark tour to reveal tons of interesting and unusual facts that not even the most seasoned of commuters will know. Enter the amazing underground world of London for a late night special social to celebrate the glorious tube. As this is a primarily a social event we’ll stop off along the way at various points for a drink and a chance to get to know each other a little better.


Saturday 26th – ‘What happens in Vegas…’ Murder Mystery

Set inside the infamous Hippodrome Casino, you’ll meet an intriguing cast of characters and sip on cocktails and canapés as an interactive murder mystery will unfold around you. This is one evening you won’t soon forget. While the event unfolds you’ll get secret envelopes with everything you need for the evening, including money for bribes and evidence that might just be the key to solving the crime. If you can figure out the recipe for this murder, or gain the most money you could just be in for a prize, but with everyone conspiring, that won’t be easy!


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