I will never regret clicking the Thinking Bob Join Today button

10th July 2017

Meet Sofie, our very good friend and amazing Host! She’s met some of her best friends through the community, travelled the world with them and we still see her every month. 

This is Sofie’s Thinking Bob story… 

Sofie thinking bob

Gameshow smiles

moved to London on a whim a few years ago. I had just finished up a yearlong volunteering placement on an island in the South Pacific and did not really have any plans.

Having been to London numerous times before, I thought I knew what I was in for. I knew it would be hard, but I did not anticipate it being as hard as it was.

Sofie thinking bob

Escape Land winners

I probably encounter more people a week in London than in my entire year in the islands. This did not automatically mean that I suddenly had a dramatic increase in meaningful interactions, in fact it was just the opposite and I felt more isolated than ever before.

I did have the support of my family here and one of my closest friends but I felt that I was just missing out on all that London had to offer. I had signed up for some other social groups but nothing really grabbed me at the beginning so I never went to a single thing.

Sofie thinking bob

Walk and talk Richmond Park

I can still remember the day that I found Thinking Bob. I was feeling pretty low at work and I googled ‘how to make friends in London’.

I think it was a Metro article that was one of the first pages brought up and there was Thinking Bob. I clicked on it out of curiosity and was immediately drawn in by the idea of a group of people who were like me: a bit left-of-centre and who were open to things that others would probably find a bit strange and weird.

Sofie thinking bob

Big Bob Quiz of the Year – hat modelling

I devoured everything on the site, took the quiz and straight away I was hooked. My first social was the scavenger hunt at the Natural History Museum.

I was nervous but was soon brought into the fold and was running around the museum with some amazing people. My team won and the camaraderie I felt with everyone was infectious. I could not wait for my next social.

Sofie thinking bob

Rock, paper, scissors

That was in October last year and I have seen Bob grow incredibly from maybe one or two socials a week to suddenly having to pick between two to three amazing socials a day.

My social circle is always growing as I meet more and more amazing and interesting people. It is really nice to walk into a place and have people genuinely happy to see me.

The people at work think the things I get up to are rather bizarre and ask me what strange thing I am off to next, which I am very proud of and find very amusing.

Sofie thinking bob

Shakespeare Supper

Among those that I consider good friends, I have become very close to team Bob. They work so hard to make sure there are new and interesting things to do and that everyone has a great experience when on a social.

Bob has given me so much and I was very honoured when the community manager asked if I would like to become one of the hosts. As I host I try to make everyone feel as welcome as I did on my first social.

Sofie thinking bob

A Killer 80’s Reunion – murder mystery

I get to see bits of London that I probably would never have gone to and I also get to see other parts in a new light. I have lip synched battled, escaped rooms, Game of Phone-d and been to numerous mind bending quizzes. I am rather competitive so beware if you are on one of my teams for a scavenger hunt, as I will make you run.

I have even had to break out of Regent’s Park after a social as we were locked in after dark! 

I know that I will never tire of London or feel like I am missing out on everything that the city has to offer. I will never regret clicking the join button and I can’t wait for all the future events and new people that I will meet.

Sofie thinking bob

Game of Phones Victory

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