Its New Friends, Old Friends Week! And we’re in the Metro.

20th May 2014

It’s New Friends week this week so we’re urging you to get out and meet new people!

Every week there a new dating app or social media tool claiming to do something different. But what if you’re just looking to make some new friends the old fashioned way over a drink or want to find a group to head to the pub quiz with. We all love a new adventure, but when you move to a big city like London or Manchester, it might seem like an impossibly daunting task to simply find new friends and likeminded people amongst the crowds.

Turn a stranger into a friend this week

Our Founder Becks featured 11 new and interesting ways you can get out and meet new people in London in this weeks Metro. And what better week to give one of them a go? From Ukelele lessons, to playing Games of Thrones in the park there’s surely something that will interest you.

Number 10 might not be for everyone – but its certainly different!

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