How to meet new people in London

25th July 2017

Meeting new people in general is hard enough. It’s always so awkward having to strike up a conversation when that person is a total stranger. Meeting new people in London, can sometimes be even harder. There’s so many of us here and we’re all busy; for some reason, we’re always rushing around on the London Underground. Casually going up to a stranger to find some common ground can always be daunting, but the Thinking Bob team like to think that we can help make that process that much easier for you.

There are tons of different ways you could meet new people in London. There is always something happening here and it’s easy to bump into someone who shares the same views as yourself. But how do you even begin to start? Below is a list of things you can do this summer in gorgeous London, to help you take those first steps to meeting new people in London.

1. Join a sports club

Meet new people in London

With a twist… It doesn’t have to be a gym membership or becoming the next Ronaldo at your local Football club. Joining a unique sports club helps you bond with the others on your team and the beautiful thing is, there is no shortage of them in London. How about taking up Roller Derby? Or how about fencing your way to new friends?

2. Take up a new instrument

Meet new people in London

Throw away that air guitar and pick up the real thing on your journey to making new friends PLUS learning a new instrument. How great would that be? There is an array of group music classes like learning to play the Piano and even a group Ukulele Class.

3. Take a cooking class

Meet new people in London

It doesn’t matter if you are a toast burner or a creme brûlée master, taking a cooking class is always fun and learning new ideas is always a plus. It’s a completely casual environment and you are all in it together, so there it’s the perfect way to get the conversations flowing. There is an abundance of cooking classes in London so if you are thinking of boiling those instant noodles this weekend, think again…

4. Drinks at Drink, Shop & Do

Meet new people in London

If you enjoy a pint or a tasty cocktail, head on over to Drink, Shop & Do for one of their many unique events. There’s so much going on here that you will never be short on what there is to do. It’s a casual, fun and truly unique place; just take their Lego Robots event or how about Pimping your Pineapple? In all seriousness though, this place will help make meeting new people so much easier (and much more fun) when you’re all trying to build a house of toast…

5. The 24 hour tube

Meet new people in London

Making new friends doesn’t have to cost you much and you don’t even need to get off the tube to do it. If you’re hopping on the brand new 24 hour tube on the weekend, strike up a conversation with the person next to you. I know, it’s mind blowing when anyone speaks on the Underground – but what have you got to lose? If it’s awkward, just get off at the next stop…

6. Join Thinking Bob

Meet new people in London

Of course there are loads of different ways you could meet new people in London. But joining Thinking Bob makes all of that so much easier for you. Simply sign up for a one month free trial, pop along to one of our many amazing socials and events and make new friends today! It’s really that simple. Plus, you have nothing to worry about – our socials are designed so that there is never an awkward silence! Let’s get you those new mates today.

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