How to find friends in a city..

4th June 2014

How do you find friends when you move to a new city?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a close knit circle of friends who mean the world to you. But in this increasingly technological age, your good friends might actually live on the other side of the world. We all love a new adventure, but when you move to a big city like London or Manchester, it might seem like an impossibly daunting task to simply find friends and likeminded people amongst the crowds.

London is ram-packed full of theatres and museums, trendy bars and traditional pubs. But where’s the fun in visiting all these places if you don’t have someone to share the experience?

We’ve all been there. A stroll through Hyde Park on a summers day can really lift your mood, but you can’t help looking wistfully at that pair laughing dizzily as they roller-blade towards you. A boat trip on the Thames really is a magnificent few hours, but hang on, here comes the party boat, tunes pumping and raucous shouting, you want to be there instead!

In a city that operates 24/7 and really does never sleep, why can it seem so difficult to find a new social circle?

Well, I’ll let you into a secret.

Find friends

It doesn’t have to be hard to find new social circle after all

That’s right. For every one of you struggling to find people you click with, there are 100 others in the same position. And that’s exactly why Thinkingbob are here to help!

We take the hassle out of meeting people, and the drama out of finding friends on your wavelength.

Who wants to spend their time lurking online, unsure if the person you’ve just chatted with is really who they say they are? Not us, and I’d hazard a guess not you either. That’s why we have put together a fantastic range of social events across the city to help you find friends in a much more natural way.

How Thinkingbob will help you find groups of people you’ll click with

Last time I checked, sitting in a drab social club making small talk with a bunch of strangers that I have nothing in common with was my idea of hell. This is exactly what Thinkingbob is not!

Instead, all our socials are conducted out in the real world, in fun locations across London, whether that be pub, park, late-night drinking den or exotic secret location.

When you want to find friends, you want to meet people on the same wavelength as you. And that’s why we tailor all our socials to appeal to a certain type of person – fun loving, adventurous, keen to use their brain… oh and liking a drink or two won’t hurt either! That way you are far more likely to get on with your group and make lasting connections. We even have a fun quiz on our website here to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a fully-fledged Bobber (if you’ve got this far, we bet you have got what it takes!).

find friends in london

So what’s involved in a thinking bob social?

That question should probably read, what isn’t involved! In May alone we ran a murder mystery street hunt, a pub quiz, a supper club introducing Greek philosophy and our bank holiday special – the big brainy boozer! And that is just a small part of what we do. Every new Bobber is invited to an introductory social where you get to meet the team and learn exactly how you can find new friends, the Bob way!

We’re always open to new ideas, and many of our long-term Bobbers even go on to run socials of their own, so it’s win-win all round if you have great ideas and are hoping to find new friends to share the with.

So what are you waiting for? If you up for a laugh, keen to find new friends and explore this marvellous city, jump in and join over 5000 other Bobbers on Thinking Bob now!

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