How much fun is a thinking bob summer? This much fun…

29th March 2015

Summer at thinking bob means one thing: bags and bags of outdoor fun!

Sure, we still have intelligent conversations. We still debate, quiz and discover the city. But we also spend a hell of a lot more time in the park or on rooftops, and there might be the odd picnic involved too.

Let us explain…

We play games. Many, many games.

Playing jenga in the park: meet new friends at thinking bob

Sometimes we play games on boats.

Sometimes we play games on pedalos.

Pedalos in Regent's Park

And occasionally we might play games with our food, too. (Don’t tell our mums)

Summer picnic at thinking bob socials

But we don’t just play games. Sometimes we go to the pub for a BBQ.

Summer social in the pub - London

And run about a bit. Sometimes tied to each other.

And we eat only the finest food at many, many picnics. 

Prosecco and cheese string picnic in the sun

And we squeeze every inch of sun out of each day.

New friends at thinking bob summer socials in London

And make lots of new friends.

Making new friends at thinking bob

But most of all…

We do all of this with funny, lovely and intelligent people. Sometimes at the Beach.

Camden beach social with thinking bob

We can’t wait! Want to join us?

From pedalos and debates in the park to our infamous retro sports day and QI lunches, as well our usual 30-40 socials a month, join our happy band of bobbers this summer and let us bring a little sunshine into your life!

Coming on your own? Hate small talk? No problem! Our events take the awkwardness out of meeting new people.

Socials are already in the calendar for April and May – ready to get started?

Try Thinking Bob today