Have you seen the Look Up video yet?

5th May 2014

The Look up video is an emotive poem about connecting with people offline – its gone viral, and we love it!

The look up video tells the story of a man who, caught without his phone, has to ask a girl for directions. Eventually they fall in love, get married and grow old together. Aaah…

‘Look Up’ and start meeting people offline – it’s easy!

When we stop relying on technology to interact, we can form long-lasting, meaningful friendships and relationships. And that’s exactly what our socials are about!

Join the offline community with a heart

thinking bob is a social ‘network’ with heart… and loads of brains to boot!

London socials: thinking bob eventsJust take a look at some of our socials. We’ve got everything from quiz nights and treasure hunts to debates and themed parties… plus you can turn up on your own or with friends. Our members make everyone feel welcome and we’ll make sure you’re never stuck for something to say.

So put down your laptop and come enjoy yourself with up to 100 potential new friends.

(And we mean real friends – not Facebook friends!)

Join us now and get a month’s membership for £1, with no commitment! The perfect way to see if our socials are right for you.

Summer Membership

See you soon! Love, thinking bob x

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