Geeks on-screen: The 10 best TV geeks ever

27th June 2015

The arrival of The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock and the revival of the IT Crowd may have brought geeks into the mainstream in the past few years, but all the best TV addicts know that nerds and brainboxes have always been the strongest characters of any TV show going.

Here’s the definitive list of the 10 best TV geeks that have ever graced our screens.

1. Keith from The Office

Wernham Hogg’s scotch egg-loving, Peak Practice-watching accountant was a nerd and proud of it – and did we mention Ewen Macintosh is a fan of thinking bob and he’s hosting our quite hard telly quiz on the 2nd July?

2. Maurice Moss

He’d out-geek even the brainiest of TV nerds, has a unique sense of humour AND he could kick your butt at Countdown. Moss, we love you.

3. Beaker from The Muppets

Poor Beaker… the squeakiest and most adorable science geek of them all, but always bearing the brunt of Dr Bunsen’s wayward demonstrations.

4. Irene Adler

‘Brainy is the new sexy’ according to the only woman smart enough to out-smart Sherlock Holmes.

5. Manny from Black Books

He loves to learn, organise and gets star-struck over travel writers – Bernard Black’s assistant Manny (played by Bill Bailey) was the glue that held Black Books together.

6. Fox Mulder

Got a whole generation of kids interested in aliens, and scared us all silly in the process.

Fox Mulder from The X Files

Picture credit: 20th Century Fox

7. Tim from Spaced

Comic book geek, Star Wars nerd and dream pub quiz team mate for any film round ever.

8. Ross Gellar

Anyone who loves dinosaurs this much is a friend of ours.

9. Lisa Simpson

With strong opinions on everything from feminism to politics and wisdom well beyond her eight years, Lisa has been flying the flag for nerds since 1989.

Lisa Simpson reading The Bell Jar

Picture credit: FOX

10. Sheldon Cooper

Incredibly intelligent and with a wardrobe of nerdy t-shirts, we couldn’t do a TV geeks round-up without mentioning The Big Bang Theory’s chief nerd, now could we?

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