Don’t wait for your friends to do fun events in the city; they’re already waiting for you at thinking bob!

22nd April 2015

Moving to London youself? thinking bob is here for you. We run 30-40 fun, cerebral socials every month, all designed to make it fun and exciting to meet new people. 

Don’t believe us? Well let Kate persuade you! Kate recently moved from Australia to London and jumped straight into her thinking bob journey. She’s now a true bobber through and through and the community wouldn’t be the same without her…

“I’ve taken so long to write this post because every-time I started, I would begin raving and before I knew it I had written more than my final university paper (which was on the analysis of Wagner’s leit motif in film as utilized by John Williams; it was a bloody good essay).

Kate's journey with thinking bob

I came across an advert for thinking bob on the Londonist Facebook page, and I spent the better half of an hour sussing out all the details before I handed over my precious £1. I had moved to London from Adelaide, Australia (don’t worry – hardly anyone has heard of us) to work as a secondary teacher. I wanted to experience more of the social side of London – hanging out with hormonal teenagers will drive anyone a little loopy – especially when they pull the “are you speaking English?” card. Oh. So funny. I also saw a number of quiz nights available, and the (overly) competitive person in me screamed DO IT.

Kate's journey with thinking bob
While I was waiting for my first event to roll around, I saw a new event had been added that very evening – a social drinks over conversation cards. I signed up before my brain could talk me out of it, and I haven’t looked back.

If you are nervous about your first event…you should be! You are about to start an amazing journey with some amazing people. I was blown away by how friendly and welcoming every one was. One particular feature I like is that even in events that are more structured (like the quiz nights, or treasure hunts), teams include new and experienced members. You don’t get geeky cliques taking over the events; you are invited to compete with each other to win the much sought after bragging rights. And a medal. That’s pretty cool too.

Kate's journey with thinking bob

I was soon signing up to an event or two a week, and it became apparent that upgrading my account to an Inclusive membership would probably be the cheapest option, and it allows me into secret events that only we can go to. It’s also much easier to go “I have nothing to do tonight, what’s available? – a rock-paper-scissors tournament? AND IT’S FREE?” There are heaps of free events! It’s like a secret club within a club, except we aren’t coordinated enough to have a secret handshake.

Kate's journey with thinking bob

Since becoming a member I have done quiz nights, treasure hunts, drunk more than I care to (or can) remember, died in a room with a zombie, belted out some 90s hits (with rad choreography) on a boat, and laughed so much that my stomach ached afterwards.  There are so many options that you are bound to find something you are interested in – you don’t need to do everything, but sometimes you will want to! Don’t wait for your friends to do fun events around the city; they are already waiting for you at thinking bob!”

We love you Kate!

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