Festive Hunt

Your 12 Clues of Christmas:

Rules: Each correct answer is worth 1 point. The answers will correspond to the items from the 12 days of Christmas.

  1. Rudolph seems to have landed in the garden. What’s he trampling on?
  2. Nelson is looking over a Crib made by who?
  3. The choice for Cashmere on the Strand. How many out of place sheep can you see?
  4. Deck the halls in F and M. Which red animal is spreading some sparkle?
  5. At the entrance To London’s most famous hotel find a vegetable?
  6. Go Halfway To Heaven, what type of angry house is next door?
  7. You can’t be Freed of London or Christmas here as they have a tree of what?
  8. No. 8 Russell street is where Johnson met Boswell in what Roman year?
  9. Instead of one there are nine of these on this tree on Bedfordbury.
  10. Do you have 40 shillings to spare? If not, take care. Rules apply here only carry your candle in one
  11. You could have a Blooming good time here in this fragrant shop near Floral Street. 3 of what await you in the window?
  12. It would Hardy be Christmas without sweets… Which one is my next love above the geeks?