What is Thinking Bob?

Thinking Bob is a leading on-to-offline social networking company currently located in London. Our focus is to provide relaxed social environments that allow people to connect and create friendships. We do this by putting together innovative, smart and fun activities, with the focus being on peoples minds and personalities rather than their job titles and where they were born. Thinking Bob is where minds meet!
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Who will I meet at Thinking Bob?

Well, first of all, you’ll meet the Thinking Bob team, who attend every signature social. You’ll also meet a group of interesting, smart and fun-loving people who are just looking to meet new friends and do something other than just go to the pub. Want to know if you’ll fit in for sure? – take our bobber test now!
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How much is membership?

You can kick start your Thinking Bob journey and join today with a free trial month. We ask that you create a profile and add payment details so you can sign up for events. We strive to keep the high quality of our community and also to make sure you’re a real person. No R2D2s allowed!

Your first month is free and membership will then automatically continue at your chosen package. You can view our package options and prices here. Subscription can be cancelled at any time – you are totally in control! The packages come in monthly, quarterly and yearly options so if you’re unsure which of our packages to choose you should start on the monthly and then upgrade to make sure you’re happy!

What does Thinking Bob membership include?

  • Access to unique SIGNATURE SOCIALS events created by Thinking Bob
  • Unlimited socials organised by other members – you’ll never be bored again
  • Ability to create your own socials for the community or just your social circle
  • Full access to our online tools such as messaging and social circle area to see more of the people you like
  • Our curated calendar of the best ‘thinking’ events and a chance to enjoy them with new groups of people
  • Exclusive discounts to museums, shows and escape rooms including Conway Hall, the Royal Institute and many more

What is host membership?

If you love meeting new members and would love to become the friendly face everyone meets at the beginning of an event, why not consider becoming a Thinking Bob Host? Host membership is awarded to members who frequently, consistently and voluntarily host a minimum of two events a month.

Membership stays the same price, but the upgrade includes:

  • Free or discounted SIGNATURE SOCIALS
  • Exclusive host only events and perks

Interested in becoming a Thinking Bob host? Contact our Community Manager

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Are there any additional fees?

A few. But only small ones! In order to make sure our SIGNATURE SOCIALS are of the highest quality, we do sometimes ask for a small additional fee (£3 – £10 depending on the event type). The reasons for these fees include:

  • To cover development, running and hosting costs – we don’t make a profit on our socials.
  • To make sure you have the best social experience possible and receive added luxuries at events.
  • To cover entry or ticket prices already purchased by the Bob team to cover the group booking costs.
  • To discourage members from not showing up or cancelling last minute. This can affect the running of the social, as well as all the organisation and pre-planning that’s been put into that event!

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Is this a dating site?

Nope. Thinking Bob is a site for people looking to broaden their social circle, meet new people and share new experiences. If love does happen to appear along on the way, then that’s just a wonderful added bonus to your Thinking Bob journey!
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What type of socials can I expect?

You can expect socials that will exercise your intellect and challenge your imagination. Why not start by delving into a pub quiz, or head to a debating social and put your debating skills to the test. Maybe you’re simply heading to pub for a rock, paper, scissors tournament, or better yet, you could be using your detective skills and trying to uncover the next murder mystery…

Spotted something in town you’d like to do, or thought of a great new street game idea? You can post your own social and create a new type of interactive fun!

Check out this month’s social calendar here.
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What is a Signature Social?

A SIGNATURE SOCIAL (purple socials) is an event created, developed and hosted by the wonderful minds at Bob HQ (Team Bob!). They can be anything from a buzzer quiz night, to being a Spy for a day at an iconic London museum, and they’re all designed to make it really easy and fun to meet new people. A member of Team Bob’s trusted hosting team attend every single Signature social in order to meet you and introduce you to the community (this is why we require all New Members to attend a Signature social first – you can’t get away from us, we’ve met everyone!)
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What is a Member Hosted social?

A MEMBER HOSTED SOCIAL (orange socials) is an event created and/or hosted by a Thinking Bob member. Any member can create and attend a member social and we encourage you to do this in order to find members who are interested in the same sort of thing as yourself. Maybe you’ve spotted a great new exhibition opening up, or you’ve had a fantastic idea for a daytrip out of London. Whatever it is, send it to us via the Suggest a Social button on the socials page, and we’ll add it to the calendar!
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What is a Private social?

A PRIVATE SOCIAL (blue socials) is a social which is created by a Thinking Bob member, exclusively for their friends. As you grow your social circle within Thinking Bob you’ll make some great friendships and from time to time you might want to host a social with both your Thinking Bob friends and friends outside of the community (for your birthday drinks maybe!). Private socials allow you create the perfect social event tailored to you – anyone can join, you just need to send them the invite!
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How do I add people to my social circle?

You can add the members you meet at events into your social circle area by clicking on their profile and ‘Add Friend’. We’ll send you a ‘Here’s who you met’ e-mail after each social to make this extra easy for you. You can also do this yourself, by simply clicking on your past events and seeing who you meet there. Adding people into your social circle allows you to see what events they’re going to in the future and also means you can create private socials just for the people you know.

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Can I create my own social?

Of course! Just submit the social details to the Thinking Bob team and they’ll beautify and post it for you! It’s as easy as π.

Not sure you want to actually host your own social yet? Not to worry! There’s an option you can click that states you don’t want to host. Once it’s up on the calendar, we’ll send it out to our fab host team and someone will volunteer to host it for you.
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Can I become a Thinking Bob host?

Absolutely yes! We’re always on the hunt for members who are interested in hosting both their own and Thinking Bob created socials. Think you have a good eye for interesting and interactive socials throughout London? Are you happy talking to new people? Are you friendly and reliable? Then get in touch with our Community Manager now at [email protected]!
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How many socials can I book onto?

As many as you want! Just remember that if you’re a new member you’ll need to attend a Signature social first to meet the team.
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What if I want to attend a member hosted social first?

Well… go on then! Although you’ll have to go to a Signature one next time! Please send a message to Tori ([email protected]) and she’ll book you on. (She’s nice like that!)
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How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, simply go to your account page, click the little settings cog (settings) next to your profile photo and select ‘Cancel Membership’. Full instructions are provided but if you have any questions please get in touch via the contact page.

Please note your subscription will not have been cancelled unless you see a green success message confirming cancellation and you have received an email with your cancellation reference, which you should hold onto in the unlikely case of any problems.
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How can I find a member I met at a social?

You can access your past events from your account area, then just by clicking on each event you can see everyone that checked into the event with you. The Thinking Bob team will also send you an email the day after with links to the members profiles you met – just to helpfully remind you! You can then add them as a friend and see what socials they’re heading to next.
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Can I see if my friends are going to socials ?

Yes! Just click on the social you’re interested in and scroll down to the ‘Here’s Who You’ll Know’ section to see who’s going. No one there? Not to worry, you can send them an invite and get them to join you!

There’s also a section labelled ‘Who You Might Meet’ that will show you how many strangers you might be able to turn into friends that night!
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Who can see my profile?

Only the members you have accepted as friends can view your profile and see your social information. You are in charge of your account and who and what people see at all times!
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Can I bring a friend along?

As thinking bob is a closed community we ask that everyone attending an event is a member. If however you’d like to bring along a friend for an event we do have a refer a friend option. This allows any member to invite a friend along to an event for free once they have started their free trial month. If you have any questions or are uncomfortable sharing their email we can of course make allowances. Simply get in touch with us and we are sure we can accommodate them!
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Where is Thinking Bob currently located?

We’re currently only operating in London but don’t worry, Bob has his conquering hat on and hopes to take over the rest of the world very soon!

If you would like to know more about our plans in your city or help pioneer a Thinking Bob near you please get in touch!

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Who’s behind Thinking Bob?

Although Bob is clearly the mastermind behind the whole operation, his lack of legs means he needs a great team to help run the joint, so Team Bob are always on hand to welcome you in!

All of them are inspired by a passion for connecting people and a love of something different. They also have some long and boring qualifications that no-one actually cares about… That’s for LinkedIn.

(However you can find out more about our Founder and the story so far on our blog!)

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Is my data safe?

We understand that you should be concerned about the security and privacy of your online information. We use strong encryption to handle your data transfer, both through the app and on the website. We have gone through a business verification process to have our name in the address bar so you can trust we’re genuine

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.10.20

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.50.00

All of our server’s software and technical infrastructure is kept up to date and secure. We have also recently become PCI compliant despite the fact we do not process card details ourselves.

We have also received the highest possible rating for our security by SSL Labs.
Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 14.33.13

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Membership Costs

We offer 3 different membership packages. They offer the same level of membership for differing time periods.

  • Annual (£108)

  • Quarterly (£45)

  • Monthly (£19)

If you have a trial month these packages will automatically start at the end of your free trial period. They are billed in one go and will cover you for the period of membership you have chosen.

If you change your mind at any point it’s super easy to cancel - go to your account settings and click cancel! There’s more information here.

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Have a question we haven't answered? - just ask!

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