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Unusual things to do in London this week with Thinking Bob: 27th – 3rd December

Up for some geeky, interesting and unusual things to do in London this week? We’ve got you covered…

Take a look at our recommended selection of events that are too good to miss this week.

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  • Online horror Escape Room

    March 29, 2021
    The Alp is here. He won’t leave and you can’t run away. He waits for the night to fall.
    When you lay your head to rest, he will be there…

    An interactive escape room experience for those seeking adventure!
    This escape room is designed to give all players the ultimate way to test their skills and experience a unifying, thought-provoking adventure. As you solve our puzzles and tasks, you’ll learn about your own abilities and strengths.
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  • Happy hour drinks online!

    March 26, 2021
    If you’re a Thinking Bob member, if you are wondering how Thinking Bob works, if you’re new to the community or you’ve not been around for a little come and join me and some other new members for a 1 hour Happy hour drinks!

    I’ll introduce Thinking Bob club and answer any questions you may have! We can also play some games to get the conversation and fun flowing too!
    I will send you a reminder message prior to the event with the Zoom link to join me and members online!

    Don’t forget to bring along a drink of your choice! 🙂
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  • Evadere Virtual Escape Room Game Online

    March 22, 2021
    Up to six people can become a team of detectives and work together using websites, maps, and clues to catch a killer or solve a crisis.
    Evadere Virtual Escape Rooms offers a range of linear escape room experiences and puzzles based entirely online. Groups must browse the internet to gather clues, solve puzzles and work together along a gripping storyline.
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  • Sofa tour: Virtual tour Machu Picchu

    March 1, 2021
    Virtually explore Machu Picchu in a fully immersive 360-degree experience from your sofa!

    Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, it’s renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar, intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery.
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  • Virtual Poker night – Virgin and Improvers

    February 23, 2021
    For the 1st Virtual Thinking Bob Poker, the aim of the night is to have fun and learn how to play Poker!

    The event is designed for the poker ‘Virgins’ and therefore is not to be taken seriously! But again, if you can play come along and help your fellow friends enjoy the night.

    Let’s hope with have a good night and all win big!
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  • Home concert: Queen Live Aid

    February 22, 2021
    Live Aid was a benefit concert held on Saturday 13 July 1985, as well as an ongoing music-based fundraising initiative. The original event was organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for relief of the Ethiopian famine. Billed as the “global jukebox”, the event was held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London, UK, attended by about 72,000 people.
    Watch the performance of the famous band QUEEN at Live Aid concert from your sofa!

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  • Jack The Ripper Murder Mystery Virtual Tour & Games

    February 22, 2021
    Hit the streets of East End London without leaving your couch! This interactive Jack the Ripper walking tour will take you back to the dark and mysterious world of 1888 Victorian London as you try to suss out suspects and solve some murders. You will virtually “meet” your live tour guide in the impoverished neighbourhood of Whitechapel, where you will be assigned a suspect card with which you can investigate the alleged perpetrators. Learn more about Jack the Ripper, his victims, and the suspects on this virtual tour – it’s a must for all murder mystery fans!
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  • West End Musical Brunch Lockdown online live

    February 18, 2021
    West End Musical Brunch, the UK’s musical theatre themed brunch party is moving online for lockdown!

    We are bringing you the biggest West End stars straight to your living room.
    There will be multiple guests performing live at each event along with interactive musical theatre themed games and a Q&A with the stars.

    Prepare your brunch, pop a bottle of Prosecco, gather the family or join your friends remotely to share in the fun.

    At the West End Musical Brunch the audience become the cast so get ready to brush off those lockdown blues, sing a long at the top of your voices, drink prosecco and dance on the tables!

    Join now, we have seen these shows at the Cafe de Paris and it was excellent!
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  • Gin Cocktail Masterclass Session

    February 17, 2021
    It’s happy hour time!

    If you are a Gin and cocktail lover and would like to learn how to realise your own cocktail with a professional barman, this event is for you. Join us for a Special Gin – Cocktail Masterclass session over zoom.

    Have fun!
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  • Escape Room Game: Camping Crisis

    February 16, 2021
    You have arrived at your holiday destination but there is a problem! This could be a disaster. With time running out can you find the solution, complete your challenges and pitch your tent in time?

    Join us for a fun evening!
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