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Unusual things to do in London this week with Thinking Bob: 30th – 6th December

Up for some geeky, interesting and unusual things to do in London this week? We’ve got you covered…

Take a look at our recommended selection of events that are too good to miss this week.

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  • National Portrait Gallery and a Pub Lunch

    September 23, 2019
    Join us for a day of culture and art, followed by a lovely pub lunch to brave the cold weather outside.

    The National Portrait Gallery is an art gallery in London housing a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people. It was the first portrait gallery in the world when it opened in 1856.
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  • A Visit to the Freud Museum

    August 21, 2019
    This was the final home of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, and his daughter Anna Freud, a pioneering child psychoanalyst.

    The Freud family came to England as refugees, following the Nazi annexation of Austria in March 1938.
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  • A Visit to The Postal Museum & Lunch

    August 19, 2019
    Journey back in time through the original tunnels and station platforms of London’s 100-year-old postal railway.
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  • A Visit to Churchill’s War Rooms

    August 15, 2019
    Discover the secrets hidden beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War.
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  • Museum day: Imperial War Museum & a pub lunch

    August 12, 2019
    Calling all history nerds: Join us for a day at the Imperial War Museum. Entrance is free with lots to see and learn. Spanning from World War I to the end of World War II and all the important bits in between. A late pub lunch will follow the museum visit.
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  • Stanley Kubrick Exhibition

    August 8, 2019
    Step inside the world of Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century.
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