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Unusual things to do in London this week with Thinking Bob: 1st – 7th March

Up for some geeky, interesting and unusual things to do in London this week? We’ve got you covered…

Take a look at our recommended selection of events that are too good to miss this week.

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  • Virtual Poker night – Virgin and Improvers

    February 23, 2021
    For the 1st Virtual Thinking Bob Poker, the aim of the night is to have fun and learn how to play Poker!

    The event is designed for the poker ‘Virgins’ and therefore is not to be taken seriously! But again, if you can play come along and help your fellow friends enjoy the night.

    Let’s hope with have a good night and all win big!
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  • Friday Night Dumplings

    April 14, 2016
    DUMPLINGS!!! Cousin to the well-known Chinese Dim Sum, but still as yummy!!

    Tonight, you’ll be taken to Dumpling’s Legend in the heart of Chinatown where you’ll get the chance to taste these Asian delicacies.

    At Dumplings’ Legend you can work up an appetite watching the team of chefs in the open-plan kitchen. Why not try the siu long bao: these delicate dumplings are filled with chicken, spicy pork, shrimp or vegetable soup, and are best eaten while hot, with a splash of vinegar.

    The small portions make them perfect for sharing, and who better to share them with than with your fellow Bobbers? 🙂
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